11/19/2020: Max Hawthorne, author of the popular Kronos Rising series, releases his first children's book, "I Want a Tyrannosaurus for Christmas", a delightful tale about a young boy who asks Santa for a dinosaur for Christmas.

11/19/2020: Max Hawthorne, author of the bestselling Kronos Rising series, penned and produced this heartwarming tale about a little boy wanting a T-rex for Christmas. Now available via popular media outlets.

11/13/2020: The music video for bestselling author Max Hawthorne's song, "Jingle Bells: the Goombah Version", a parody of the popular Christmas song, is now playing on YouTube.

From 9-22-20 to 12-21-20 Amazon will be featuring Max Hawthorne's debut novel Kronos Rising in its prestigious Prime Reading program. If you have Amazon Prime you can read Kronos Rising for Free now!

"Max Hawthorne's climactic finish to his award-winning Kraken trilogy latches onto you with all the power and ferocity of its legendary namesake and doesn't let go. A truly heart-pounding and well-crafted conclusion."

-G. Michael Hopf, bestselling author of The End